Lubricant Lowers Tension
When Pulling Wire & Cable

  • Excellent Friction Reduction For low cable pulling tension.
  • Clean and Non-Staining Minimizes clean-up time.
  • Field-Friendly Application Can be pumped, hand applied, or distributed by Front End Pack .
  • Temperature Stable No ruined lubricant from freeze/thaw or high-temperature exposure.
  • High Cling Factor Stays on cable jacket during application.

* Polywater® J is not recommended for LSZH/LSHF and certain CSPE and CPE cable jackets. For these jacket types, Polywater LZ is the recommended/approved product.


Polywater J is available in a number of packages

Proven Through Use

Polywater® Lubricant J is the best known of the Polywater lubricants. For three decades, millions of feet of underground and industrial cable have been pulled using Polywater J. This results in both a popular and a proven product.


Friction Reduction

Lubricant J provides good tension reduction in all types of cable pulling. Use it on both electrical and communication cable. Because it has excellent shear resistance, Polywater J reduces friction well in conduit bends. Such bends are a major source of tension in cable pulling. See the sidebar Tech Data Sheet and friction measurement paper for additional friction information.


Clean Use

Polywater J is clean and slow-drying. Lubricant J dries to a thin lubricating film that retains lubricity for months after use. Quick clean-up is especially important in finished indoor use.


Specification Properties

Because the residue does not burn and spread flame like some of the wax lubricants, Polywater Lubricant J is often specified for pulling fire-retardant cables. Additionally, it meets typical LEED® and Green Seal criteria. Lubricant J is UL Listed and water-based Polywater J complies with CARB regulations. Specify lubricant J for long pulls, multiple-bend pulls, or pulls in a hot environment.



Apply Lubricant J by hand or with a pump. Or try prelubricating with the unique Front End Pack Lubrication System. Packages are available for all types of cable pulling.

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Product/Package Notes:

Polywater J comes in two grades: Regular Grade J and Winter Grade WJ (for cold weather use in temperatures as low as -20°F (-30°C)). A pourable version of Polywater J (PJ) is also available (see sidebar). The Front End Pack is a conduit-sized polyethylene bag of lubricant that travels through the conduit on the winch line or pull rope, prelubricating the conduit ahead of the cable being pulled. Polywater J can be pumped using the LP-D5 Drill-Powered Pump (see sidebar).
Polywater® J Cable Pulling Lubricant
Catalog # Catalog # Winter Grade Package Description Units/Case
J-35 WJ-35 1-quart /0.95-liter bottle 12
J-27 WJ-27 1-quart/0.95-liter FEP lube bag in carton 12
J-99 WJ-99 1-quart/0.95-liter FEP lube bag in 5-gal pail 16
J-55 WJ-55 ½-gal/1.9-liter FEP lube bag in carton 6
J-110 WJ-110 ½-gal/1.9-liter FEP™ lube bag in 5-gal pail 10
J-128 WJ-128 1-gal/3.8-liter pail 4
J-640 WJ-640 5-gal/18.9-liter pail 1
J-DRUM WJ-DRUM 55-gal/208-liter drum 1

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