Polywater’s Sustainability Policy

Our Mission:

Polywater’s mission is to help our customers create more reliable systems that reduce costs, protect valuable assets, maximize the life of equipment, and keep the world connected and running efficiently. This is accomplished through continuous improvement of our products, operations, and services that support building and maintaining electrical, telecom, water, and gas infrastructure globally. As an employee-owned business, we are committed to ensuring that customers have what they need to get the job done right with the least environmental impact.

Our Vision:

Polywater supports global sustainability initiatives through continuous analysis and improvement of our products, production methods, and transportation modes. Environmental impact and human rights are key considerations in the selection of our raw materials, packaging, and energy needs. While our product innovations are designed to support the rollout of renewable energies, many formulations and R&D efforts also target the repair and maintenance of legacy infrastructure with the goal of increased efficiency, longer lifespan, and lower environmental impact compared to full replacement.

Our Focus

Conserving natural resources by prioritizing vendors with high-quality materials and good sustainability practices.
Reducing energy and water consumption in our operations through process improvements, automation, and lean manufacturing principles. A rooftop solar system powers our factory.
Minimizing transport consumption through volume sourcing, expanded local 3PL warehousing, and distributor terms that incentivize larger, more efficient shipments.
Recycling programs are established to minimize manufacturing byproducts. Waste is measured and goals are set to reduce the amount sent to landfills.
Formulating products with small environmental footprints. Our water-based and low-toxicity formulations supplant petroleum-based lubricants and ozone-depleting chlorinated solvents.

Our Message

Polywater is a global, socially responsibility business. We recognize the obligation to act as environmental stewards in our operations and to produce safe and effective products that benefit our communities while protecting the environment. We focus on these areas to ensure the long-term sustainability of Polywater and the planet we call home.

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