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Communications & Electrical Cleaners

Polywater industrial cleaners for equipment including fiber optic cables, solar panels and more are meant to help keep your critical systems compliant and functional. Our industrial cleaning products are designed with ease of use in mind, allowing you to quickly and effectively maintain your equipment. Below are our main uses for industrial and electrical cleaners:

Electrical Contact Cleaning

Light residue-free cleaning for contacts, breakers, controls, switches, substation relays, busbars, meters, traffic control electronics,  and circuit boards.

Electrical Maintenance and Apparatus Cleaning

Create safer working environments with our electrical cleaner products. These versatile solutions help you stay compliant and keep critical equipment safe and free of contamination.

Fiber Optic Gel Cleaning

Our fiber optic gel cleaners are convenient wipes for splice preparation that quickly remove cable-filling gels while never leaving behind residue.

Fiber Optic Termination Cleaning

These precision cleaners work quickly to remove dust, oil and other contaminants from ferrules, end faces, and bulkheads.

Live-Line Tool Cleaning

Easily remove contaminants that contribute to tracking hazards and promote l cleanliness and safety on hotsticks, fiberglass booms, and rubber goods.

Hand and Tool Cleaning

These cleaners help encourage safer work environments, removing ​​hydraulic fluids, silicone greases, and antioxidant compounds from hands and tools.

Medium and High Voltage Splice Prep

Use our electrical cleaners for splice preparation and cable termination. These cleaners meet IEEE 1493 for performance and compatibility with electrical cables and accessories.

Coaxial Cable Cleaning

Create an effective cleaning system for cables with our SqueekyKleen™ Cleaner and SpliceMaster® Dry Towels.

PE Fusion Prep

Cleaning wipes and dry towels help effectively clean pipes and conduits to remove dirt, dust and other contaminants that pose threats to fusion splices. These products exceed industry standards with the highest alcohol purity commercially available.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Buildup of dirt, dust and other contaminants can harm a solar panel’s performance and even damage the equipment. Our solar panel cleaner is more effective than using water alone and reduces the cleaning frequency of PV installations.