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Polywater has built its reputation by offering superior, world-leading,
specialty-chemical solutions. We continue to innovate and expand
our portfolio to meet the demands of a changing industry.

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See below for our electrical, communications, or global catalog options

Download our product catalogs to see our full product portfolio for the global, electrical, or telecommunications industries. Catalogs pertain to specific industries and regions and present information on sealants, lubricants, cleaners, and specialty products, including availability in your local market.

A thumbnail image of the Polywater Electrical Catalog

The U.S. electrical catalog offers product details, benefits, and application and testing methods for our entire range of products for U.S. electrical customers.

The global catalog includes the products we offer in non-U.S. markets, including Canada. This catalog describes features and benefits for available products, application methods, and options for quantities.

Polywater's communication catalog

This catalogue includes communications products that will help build efficient and reliable communication networks.