Engineered mechanical seals designed to meet your needs

With innovative engineered mechanical seal systems from Polywater | Hauff Technik, customers in the U.S. and Canada now have the ability to provide absolute protection in and around cables, conduits, pipes and structure entrances.

Mechanical seal performance that is flexible, reliable, and resilient

Our long history of developing engineered mechanical seal solutions to address specific field challenges for infrastructure construction and maintenance led us to collaborate with Hauff Technik. Together, we offer best-in-class engineered mechanical seals for cables, conduits, pipes, and building entries. Our mechanical seals are engineered to be flexible in the field, resilient in tough conditions, and warrantied to be watertight, gastight, and airtight.

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Selecting the right engineered mechanical seals for critical projects

Whether you are looking to provide hardened protection for data centers, wastewater treatment facilities, electrical utility substation control houses, underground electrical or telecommunications utility systems or renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, we have a mechanical seal solution to match.

Want to learn more about solutions from Polywater | Hauff Technik?

Explore in more detail our product solutions that are resilient, easy to use, and future-ready in our sealant solutions brochure and discover a fit for your next project.

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Polywater| Hauff Technik mechanical seals are currently available only in the U.S. and Canada.