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Industrial Adhesives and Sealants From Polywater

Add resilience and reliability to each and every project with help of Polywater’s variety of conduit sealants and duct adhesives. Each industrial sealant offers quality assurance and protection of mission-critical equipment, as well as a durable solution that can hold up against the toughest of conditions. Our conduit seals are also compatible for use in contact with cable jackets. Whether you need to repair cracks or seal against gas or water leaks, Polywater has an industrial sealant solution fit for the job.

Find the best duct adhesive, sealant or seal for your use case

Duct Sealing

Find an expanding, durable duct sealant foam that prevents gas and water leaks. These sealants are easy to apply and cure in minutes.

Pedestal/Enclosure Sealant

There are a few different industrial sealants to pick from, but each protects against moisture ingress and animal disruption, keeping equipment protected for the long haul.

Conduit Joining

For indoor and outdoor use, this type of conduit adhesive is suitable for any conduit material or size and can withstand movement and vibration.

Transformer Leak Repair

Strong material adhesion, dielectric compatibility and fast in-field cure times create powerful protection from accelerated aging and unplanned outages.

Wood Pole Repair

Fill cracks, woodpecker damage and pole line hardware holes in wood utility poles. This resin fills irregular shapes and even prevents poles from rotting.

Structural Entrance Seal

Provide trusted protection around cables and conduits with this innovative system.

Pedestal/Cabinet Damage Repair

Polywater’s repair system for fiberglass enclosures is a long-lasting solution to seal damage, protect equipment, and maintain safety. It is intended for fast, field installation.

Conduit Sleeve Sealing

Find a variety of durable conduit sealant from ​​Polywater | Hauff Technik that can be used for applications including cables, conduits, pipes, and building entries.

Core Drill Sealing

Polywater | Hauff Technik offers conduit seals for specific field applications so you can seal cores around placed cables.

Concrete Protection

Form a high-strength and acid-resistant seal for sanitary sewer lift stations, manholes, vaults, and other structures.

PILC Cable Repair

Providing strong material adhesion and fast cure times, you won’t need to shut down equipment when applying this industrial sealant.

Pressurized Cable Repair

A rapid-cure solution for air-pressurized cable infrastructure. No need to use dangerous molten lead repair.