How to Seal a Leaking Oil-Filled Transformer

Are you facing supply delays for oil-filled transformers and their parts? Discover how sealing can prolong the life of your current oil-filled transformer.

Are you facing supply delays for oil-filled transformers and their parts? Prolong the life of your equipment instead.

As the world becomes more reliant on electricity, the need for secure and efficient electrical infrastructure increases. Oil-filled transformers are an integral part of electrical grids but require ongoing maintenance to function properly. With OEM equipment and parts manufacturer backlogs causing long lead times and limited availability, it is critical to keep existing transformers running for as long as possible. Polywater’s PowerPatch® leak repair systems offer an effective solution to maintain and repair leaking oil-filled transformers while waiting for new equipment or parts to arrive.

Understanding Oil-Filled Transformers

Oil-filled transformers require oil to cool and insulate internal components. Oil can degrade over time due to factors such as heat, moisture, and contamination. Oil degradation lowers power transformation efficiency, increases maintenance costs, and can even cause system failure. These negatively impact the reliability and delivery of power from the grid.

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The Challenge

The availability of oil-filled transformers and replacement parts today is limited due to long lead times and supply chain disruptions. What if you could inexpensively bridge the supply gap crisis by squeezing a few more years of operational life out of your transformers already in operation?

Stop the Leak with PowerPatch

Polywater’s PowerPatch is a cost-effective and efficient solution for repair and preventative maintenance of oil-filled transformers. This product offers several benefits that make it a smart investment for businesses.

PowerPatch is easy to use and requires minimal downtime for transformer oil leak repair. It can be applied quickly and requires no draining or refilling of oil. This means that maintenance work can be completed quickly, reducing the impact on transmission and distribution systems, and allowing efficient, uninterrupted power delivery to residential, commercial, and industrial users.

PowerPatch offers excellent adhesion and sealing properties that stop leaks to maintain the integrity of the transformer. The product is designed to adhere to the metal and insulation materials used in transformers, creating a reliable and durable barrier against moisture and contaminants. This helps prevent degradation of the oil and internal components, ultimately prolonging the operational life of the transformer.

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PowerPatch has excellent dielectric properties that minimize the risks of partial discharges. It is compatible with insulating oil and does not impact the quality over time and exposure. With this repair, the transformer remains safe and operational, even in harsh electrical environments. Additionally, PowerPatch is highly stable and resistant to thermal cycling, ensuring that it can withstand the high temperatures and stresses to which oil-filled transformers are subjected.

A hand squeezes a dispensing gun with a Polywater PowerPatch cartridge onto a leaking bolt of an electrical transformer.


In today’s world, where the availability of oil-filled transformers and replacement parts is limited, it is critical to ensure proper equipment functionality and longevity. Polywater’s PowerPatch circumvents supply chain delays and offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for maintenance of these transformers. By using PowerPatch, businesses can minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and prolong the operational life of their transformers. This ultimately helps enhance the reliability and efficiency of electrical systems, paving the way for further upgrades of electrical infrastructure.

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