More than a manufacturer, we formulate solutions.

Polywater is in business to help our global electrical and communication customers create
more reliable systems by anticipating and overcoming field-specific infrastructure problems.

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Conduit Sealants and More

Create more hardened and reliable systems with specialized foam conduit sealants, equipment repair sealants, and more.

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Engineered Cable Lubricants

Lower coefficient of friction, install longer runs of cable, and protect cable and equipment with high-performance cable lubricants.

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Electrical and Fiber Optic Cleaners

Clean and protect critical electrical equipment, fiber optic cables, rubber goods, tools, and more.

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Duct and Conduit Adhesive

Permanently join different conduit and duct materials, while forming watertight and airtight joints, to make a secure duct system.

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Polywater helps to get the job done right–the first time.

Our specially formulated and designed sealants, adhesives, lubricants, and cleaners
have a proven record of definitively solving field challenges.

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Expect total support.

Whether it’s specifying products for new construction, infrastructure upgrades, or grid and network maintenance, companies can expect to receive more than just a superior product solution from Polywater. They get the advantage of our decades of industry knowledge, technical expertise, and planning resources to help them through the process.

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