Cable and Wire Pulling Lubricants

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Cable Lubricants from Polywater

All Polywater cable lubricants, whether they’re designed for small cable and wire pulling or underground cable hauling, are made to reduce tension. Our cable pulling lubricants are trusted across the telecommunication and electrical industries – ensuring cables move safely, with cable compatibility, and without risk of damage.

Many cable lubricant options are available on the market, so it’s important to choose the right one for your job. Polywater offers a variety of pulling lubricants designed to perform in different types of environments and applications, including electrical and communications, that are compatible with certain cable types. To make browsing easier, filter your search by lubricant use and cable type to find the products that will perform the best for your given project.

Find the best cable lubricant for your use case

Small cable/wire pulling

From sprayable lubricants to thick gels, we offer a variety of cable lubricants for small, low-voltage wire and data cable pulling that ensure optimal friction reduction and accommodate various application methods. Sprays use thin-film technology to ease introduction to the duct, reduce residue thickness and maintain a clean work environment. Thick, viscous gels prevent dripping of lubricant in vertical applications, ensuring clingability without staining carpet or clothing.

Underground cable pulling

Most Polywater cable pulling lubricants are suitable for underground cable pulling. A host of options are available to respond to specific field needs. Gels are great for horizontal duct openings and offer excellent cling to the cable ensuring friction reduction throughout the entire length of the pull. Pourable versions help crews introduce lubricant into vertical conduits. Cold weather formulations are available for crews working below-freezing temperatures, and a wide variety of package sizes offer ergonomic application choices to workers.

Pulling through water

Silicone-enhanced cable pulling lubricants are recommended for water-filled conduits and pipes, as they must sustain water resistance and lubricity when diluted. Our selection offers different formula and package options to suit a wide variety of field situations.

Cable blowing or pushing

Pre-lubricants for cables are a critical part of the cable-pushing and cable-blowing process. Minimize the risk of cable damage by applying a thin coat of one of our several pre-lubricant products.

Permanent jacket lubrication

All Polywater cable lubricants leave slippery residue, tested for long-term compatibility, that may be rehydrated to ease cable removal for future upgrades.

Cable removal

Polywater CableFree® Loosener works quickly to dissolve wax-based lubricants and other residues to help make cable removal an easy and smooth process.