Design safe and efficient cable pulls with Pull-Planner™ 4.0

Pull-Planner 4.0 makes the planning of complex, large-scale cable pulling designs easier and more efficient.

  • Providing coefficient of friction (COF) guidance to reduce risks during cable pulls
  • Calculates maximum pulling & sidewall tensions to reduce splices and avoid cable damage

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A man looks at his tablet while his computer screen in the background show Polywater Pull-Planner software.

Get ahead of potential cable damage with Pull-Planner™ 4.0

Our proprietary Pull-Planner 4.0 software is useful for designing effective conduit systems as cables are susceptible to damage when pulling tension and sidewall bearing pressure limits are exceeded.

Pull-Planner 4.0 can assist in:

  • Estimating ending tension and sidewall pressure
  • Eliminating splices
  • Reducing the number of vaults and pull boxes
  • Determining direction of pull
  • Planning for future upgrades
  • Analyzing jam probability

Polywater developed this software based on industry standards and hands-on testing methods from our technical team. We use our research and testing to maximize lubrication efficiency and develop realistic coefficient of friction guidance. Pull-Planner 4.0 is trusted by engineers, designers, and project managers to proactively anticipate and navigate challenges in complex projects.

The Pull-Planner is a beautiful thing that has made my job easier by doing the hard work of calculating pull tension and generating my pull plan for long pulls with heavy wire. I’ve worked closely with the Polywater team for nearly 20 years, and they are consistently my go-to source of knowledge and resources.
— Chuck Baird

Alaska Line Builders, LLC


Pull-Planner 4.0 is a go-to resource for project managers and engineers that design and plan conduit raceways and underground network systems. The 4.0 version offers:

  • Expanded functionality to separate straight runs from bend segments and allow all data input on one screen for ease-of-use
  • Accommodates different pull methods and field conditions—variable friction, rollers, reverse pulls, tension back calculation, push/pull devices, and more
  • Stores a personalized database of cable specifications and pull data

Technical Brief


Pull-Planner 4.0 has an intuitive interface so you can easily calculate cable pulling tension.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple languages
  • Measurements in pounds (lbf), kilonewtons (kN), and kilograms (kgf)
  • Extensive COF database including multiple cable jacket and conduit types
  • Specific training topic support videos online

A comprehensive help menu backed with technical support and engineering seminars from Polywater

Help Menu


Pull-Planner 4.0 is easy to download and operate.

  • Available in four languages: English, Spanish, German, and French
  • Accessible as an internet download
  • Operates on standard Windows and allows for data transfer to Excel for printing, saving, and documenting
  • Installation consumes 125 megabytes of hard-drive space
  • Pull-Planner 4.0 accepts pull and cable data saved under previous Pull-Planner software versions

Overview of Pull-Planner 4.0 program and capabilities:


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