Storm Hardening Moves Front and Center

– Polywater Products Keep Water at Bay –

Electrical construction projects around New York City have become more complex and challenging since Hurricane Sandy.  The damage from Sandy resulted in a number of initiatives to “storm harden” electrical systems.  DOT’s, municipalities, utilities, railroads, and others with essential electrical infrastructure are considering options to ensure their systems are not compromised by environmental forces.

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Polywater® FST™ Duct Sealant can hold a significant water head

Polywater makes several products to protect electrical systems from water. Polywater® FST™ Foam Duct Sealant was recently used to seal all of the conduits entering a terminal in a NYC subway line.  FST™ provides a watertight, gastight seal that can hold up to 22 feet of continuous water head pressure and up to 90-foot surges.  Duct putties and spray-in foams do not come close to this performance.

Polywater® FST™ sealant provides water protection from more than hurricanes.  A midwestern utility did some very quick installations and successfully protected their boxes from a spring flood of the Missouri River.

Though oriented to sealing conduit, FST™ foam has also been used to seal open channels at pole tops to prevent rain water from entering a duct system.


Polywater® Instagrout™ and FST™ sealant combine to protect a utility enclosure

Another product that protects electrical systems from ground-based entry is Polywater’s InstaGrout Transformer Sealant Barrier.  This self-leveling liquid product covers the bottom of an enclosure and then expands and cures to a hard durable seal.





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