The Widest Range Cleaner for Electrical Construction and Maintenance Needs

  • Multipurpose One cleaning solvent for electrical installations.
  • High Solvency Excellent for cable splice preparation and electrical equipment cleaning.
  • No Residue Type HP evaporates with no residue.
  • Non-Conductive Will not short across typical electrical voltages.
  • Safe Replaces chlorinated electrical cleaners.

Residue from cleaning

Polywater® Type HP is our most popular electrical  cleaner for cable splice preparation, cable termination and electrical apparatus maintenance.  Type HP fits the needs of electrical utilities, line contractors, and medium voltage crews that have to comply with regulatory and safety requirements.

Type HP evaporates slowly, allowing more work time.  Type HP Pel-Pac® packaging contain lint-free wipes saturated with a limited amount of solvent–enough to do the job while keeping safety in mind.


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Product/Package Notes: Polywater Type HP is available in a large variety of bulk packages and splice preparation kits. The unique Tandem Pack contains a saturated wipe for cleaning and a lint-free drying wipe to move the job along.
Type HP
Catalog # Package Description Units/Case
HP-1 single saturated towelette 144
HP-P158ID wet/dry Tandem Pack 144
HP-D72 72-count wipe canister 6
HPY-12 16-oz/475-ml aerosol can 12
HP-16LF 1-pint/475-ml bottle with flip top 12
HP-35LF 1-quart/0.95-liter bottle with flip top 12
HP-128 1-gallon/3.8-liter bottle 4
HP-640 5-gallon/18.9-liter can 1
HP-DRUM 55-gallon/208-liter drum 1
HP-P63 cable preparation kit contains:
6 - HP-P158ID wet/dry wipes
3 - strips 120-grit non-conductive sanding cloth
1 - instruction card
HP-3PS cable preparation kit contains:
3 - HP-P158ID wet/dry wipes
1 - strip 120-grit non-conductive sanding cloth
HP-T369 PEL-PAC Kit - 3 saturated towels in a tin 24
HP-T369/S PEL-PAC Kit with sandpaper 24
HP-T369/S-D PEL-PAC Kit with sandpaper and dry towel 24

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