Repairing Active Transformer Leaks

– PowerPatch® Repair System Solves Transformer Leak Problems –

One of India’s largest state power transmission utilities has approved the use of Polywater’s PowerPatch® Leak Repair System in a Maintenance and Repair contract for their transformer base in Nashik District.  The selection of PowerPatch® by the utility’s engineering department was a result of extensive evaluation of various performance criteria of leak repair systems.  These criteria include:

  • Pressure Resistance
  • Dielectric Properties
  • Chemical & Weathering Resistance

With over 630 EHV substations located throughout Maharashtra state, the quality and performance of the leak repair system is critical to the efficiency and protection of the utility’s network and surrounding environment.

Used to seal a wide range of oil or SF6 leaks in gaskets, bushings, and radiator fins, a high performance repair system is required.  Many types of commercially available sealants have been used in India in the past with little success.  Developed for other applications, these sealants do not have the necessary physical and chemical properties to meet the high demands of permanent transformer repair.  The before and after photos below show how some of the utility’s transformers were repaired with materials not designed originally for transformer repair.  They deteriorated quickly due to exposure to transformer oil and the elements.  The after photo shows a strong, long lasting repair with PowerPatch®.

Leak with other seal

Transformer Leak Repaired with Alternative Seal

Leak with PowerPatch

Cracks formed during transport to the field or weld defects are common problems that require fast and effective in-situ repairs.  The photos below show the repair of a welding defect on a power transformer that created both a personnel and environmental hazard.  Leaking oil creates a falling or slipping risk for personnel.  It also causes a risk that oil will seep into ground water to endanger aquatic and wildlife in the vicinity.  The effective and durable in-situ transformer leak repairs possible with American Polywater’s PowerPatch ensure electrical network efficiency and promote personal and environmental safety.

Leak Before Leak After

This Indian utility’s approval of the use of Powerpatch in its repair and mainenance contract is an important step in the introduction of high performance transformer sealant repair systems in India.  Used around the world for fast, durable leak repair, American Polywater is proud that PowerPatch has been selected for use in the Indian market.

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