Manufacturer’s Agent in Alberta, Canada Takes a Unique Approach to Product Promotion

In today’s digitally crazed environment, more and more companies are moving away from tactile forms of product promotion such as tradeshows, product demonstrations, and field training. To save time and money, they are moving toward digital channels of promotion like the internet. This means that many potential customers are introduced only to images of items they may want to buy and never see or feel the real thing…until they own it.

Michael Borden of Borden Agencies in Alberta, Canada has taken an old-school promotional approach and put a new twist on it.  Borden Agencies has a dedicated trailer to display the products they promote and drive it to every corner of the province. Potential customers can see, touch and evaluate products before they commit to purchase them.

Not only does the Borden Agencies’ trailer travel around the province to demonstrate products, but it is used also to train customers in the proper use and application of products they represent. The trailer was used recently as an official tradeshow booth for the Alberta Electrical Association Expo in March 2018. (See photo below)


Trailer and booth combination goes anywhere.

Visitors can get up close to the products Borden Agencies represent and get a better feel for the items they need.

Shown in the lower left photo is a display of many different Polywater products, which range from Cable Pulling Lubricants to Duct Sealants, Live-Line Tool Cleaners, Duct Adhesive, and Transformer Protection products.  Most Polywater products carried in this trailer are packages that may be given to any potential customer for trial.

In the Borden trailer, customers have a clean, open and inviting environment in which to peruse Borden’s product offerings.


Compact display gets customers up close.

Clean and inviting space gives customers access to products.

Take the lead Borden has set and start to think outside of the booth. There are always new or creative ways to get both the message and the product to your customers.

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