Electrical Cleaners in Copper Mining

– Copper Mines in Chile Rely on Polywater Cleaners –

American Polywater’s HP™ Cleaner/Degreaser is used throughout the world in a myriad of different applications.  Some of the most innovative uses of Polywater’s Type HP™ cleaner can be found in the Chilean mining industry.

The Chilean mining industry is centered in one of the most hostile operating environments in the world: The Atacama Desert.  The Atacama is hot, dusty and inhospitable to the people and machinery needed to extract copper and gold from its open pit mines.  It is imperative that mining machinery be kept clean so that it can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week; in order to minimize mining operating costs.


Transporter moves copper coated aluminum plates from sulfuric acid bath to the foundry

One of the first applications of HP™ Cleaner/Degreaser in the mining industry was in electroplating operations.   Pressure washers are used to spray HP™ onto the transporters to clean them of dust and sulfuric acid film. These contaminants collect on motor and hydraulic controls, and the metallic surfaces of the transporters themselves.  The high dielectric strength of HP™ allows the cleaner to come into contact with electronic circuit boards without damaging contacts or the polycarbonate boards themselves.





Applying Type HP with pressure washer

Another application of HP™ Cleaner/Degreaser in the Chilean mines is to clean the natural gas fueled foundry burners.  The photo below shows how a worker applies the HP™ Cleaner with a pressure washer to clean the carbon deposits which form inside the burner tubes.  The excellent cleaning strength of HP™ helps to make this operation fast, easy and efficient.

HP™ Cleaner/Degreaser has proven to be an effective cleaner for a number of mining applications.  Used extensively in the Chilean Mining industry, HP™ has been used to ensure optimal performance of mining machinery and operations.




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