Increase Electrical Reliability and Reduce Hazards

-Pad n Pole Repairs Transformer Pads Quickly-

Electrical reliability, hardening of the plant, and reducing or eliminating electrical hazards are major focuses of electrical utilities. These initiatives are extremely important, especially if they can reduce the risk to consumers or utility personnel.

Polywater® Pad N Pole™ was developed to quickly repair voids on transformer pads, riser poles, cabinets, light poles, and conduits. Pad N Pole seals out animals, snakes, insects, water, and devices that are used by people to penetrate these voids.

Polywater Pad N Pole is packaged in a kit that is easy to apply and has everything needed to complete multiple repairs. Pad N Pole is a specially formulated resin and hardener that is deployed from a multi-use cartridge. The compound is used to coat the fiber cloth that is included in the kit to cover the damage. The repair offers a robust patch that can be painted immediately after it has been applied to the surface.

Applying Pad N Pole

Repaired Fiberglass Transformer Pad

A large Midwest utility has used Pad N Pole for years to repair the voids on their transformer pads caused by lawn maintenance equipment. They implemented a proactive program to actively fix the damage within their system to reduce electrical outages and minimize the chance of personal injury.

Pad N Pole is regularly used to rehabilitate and secure utility company infrastructure with the dedicated method of proactive repair.


Polywater Pad N Pole Application Video

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