Sealing Ducts within Ducts

– ZipSeal™ for Sealing Around Subducts in a Larger Conduit –

A user had water leaking around innerducts entering a control room with sensitive equipment. They needed a quick fix solution to prevent damage to their data system.  Thre were three 1½ inch ducts in a 4 inch conduit to seal around.

Layered Zip-Disc

Layered Zip-Disc Holds the Liquid While Foaming

Polywater’s lab recommended an application using the new ZipSeal™ Duct Sealant. The ZipSeal™ Duct Sealant is typically used for 2 inch or smaller conduits by surrounding the cable(s) with the Zip-Disc damming sandwich.  This procedure was modified for the larger conduit, and the Zip-Disc(s) were wrapped evenly around the inner ducts.  The ZipSeal™ foam was injected into the open cell middle of the containment system. Twelve injections were done starting from the bottom and working to the top.  The foam rapidly expanded, filling the voids between the inner ducts and creating a seal at the end of the 4 inch duct.  This application stopped any water from entering and stopped any moisture damage to their data system.


ZipSeal Installed in the Test Conduit

ZipSeal™ Sealant blocks water, gasses, and vermin from conduits. The unique Zip-Disc design supports horizontal or vertical installation with minimal drippage.  The seal can hold up to 10 feet of water head pressure.    Installation takes only minutes and the seal is easy to remove. This was the perfect solution to the user’s problem.


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