Make Pea Gravel Pest Proof

– Protecting Pedestal Floors From Nesting Pests –

Communication companies have their plants spread out over large and often isolated areas.  The ground mounted cabinets and pedestals are vulnerable to the elements as well as critters looking for shelter and places to nest.

The Rural Utilities Service (RUS) requires pea gravel to be placed inside the base of pedestal floors to prevent rodent entry.  Overtime, the pea gravel settles and moves.  In some areas, ants or wasps can get through the gravel with no problem, building nests with dirt, grass clippings and other debris.  These nests are a nuisance for the technicians and can potentially disrupt service.


Liquid Penetrates the Pea Gravel and then Foams

Polywater® FSTBP Foam Sealant Burst Pack is a convenient kit that provides a quick solution to entry though pea gravel.  The 2-part foam is mixed internally in the burst pack and then is deployed over the pea gravel as a liquid. It typically penetrates 2 to 3 inches before it begins to expand and seal between the pea gravel stones.  The resulting barrier complies with the RUS requirements and provides a moisture and pest proof seal.


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