Prevent Rodent Entry

– No More Mouse Mess –

Mice getting into a power supply cabinet were causing outages and interruption of service problems for a CATV provider in Ohio.  This cabinet was becoming infamous for needing repairs every few months. The field techs nicknamed the cabinet the “Mouse Mess.”


The debris from the mice nesting in the power supply is easy to see.

The power supply cabinet was situated near a swamp just outside a residential area. Unfortunately, it was an ideal place for the local rodents to stay warm. The mice would build nests on top of the electronics and the batteries and cause damage in the process.  Tape, gravel and traps were used to try to get rid of the critters, but mice continued to enter the cabinet. That is, until Polywater® PedFloor Base Sealant was field trialed.  This was the biggest problem cabinet in the system, so it was a great place to put PedFloor product to the test.

PedFloor Mouse Mess 2

The 2-part sealant expands and hardens in the cabinet base to block ground entry.

The power supply cabinet was cleaned and the PedFloor Sealant was deployed at the cabinet base. The PedFloor product goes in as a thick liquid but then expands and cures to completely fill the base with a hard durable material that handles something like wood.

After the trial application, inspections were conducted after a week, a month, and finally at three months. The cabinet remained completely rodent free.  For more information on how PedFloor Sealant can solve rodent problems in your system, use the product link below.


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