Solvent-Free Jacket Repair Sealant
Forms a Durable Protective Barrier

  • Repairs Damaged Cable Jacket – Can be used to repair medium voltage cable jacket (semicon must not be damaged).
  • Reusable Dispensing Cartridge – One cartridge repairs multiple cables.
  • Goes on Thick – Only one application needed.
  • Waterproof – Makes watertight repairs when used with heat shrink tubing.
  • High Dielectric Strength – Same insulating properties as the jacket.

Polywater® Splice Shield sealant is packaged in an easy-to-use, self-dispensing cartridge. Only one application is needed for a thick protective coating over splices and cable jacket damage.

Polywater® Splice Shield sealant leaves a thick, flexible coating for excellent protection against oil, water, and corrosion. It contains no dangerous, low-TLV, or highly flammable solvents.

Polywater® Splice Shield dries quickly and is not air dependent to cure.  To direct bury the splice or cable, simply wrap area with the appropriate tape or cover with a heat shrink tube to keep dirt from curing with the resin.  Use of heat shrink tubing alone will not ensure a watertight repair.  Commonly available heat shrink tubing does not have waterproofing mastic on the inside.  Using Splice Shield in conjunction with tubing is the recommended way to repair cable jackets.  The Splice Shield kit contains all the materials needed to seal multiple splices.

Product/Package Notes:

Polywater® Splice Shield comes in a kit containing the sealing resin, application/mixing sticks, and protective gloves.
Polywater® Splice Shield
Catalog # Package Description Units/Case
CS-KIT Kit includes:
1 - Splice Shield 2-part self-dispensing cartridge
5 - mixing sticks
5 - single gloves

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