Cable Filling Gel Cleaner
for Loose-Tube and Ribbon Fiber

  • Effective Cleaner – Quickly cleans cable filling gel and flooding compounds.
  • Cleans IBP Flooding Compound – Good for cleaning coax cable.
  • Fast Gel Cleaner – Requires only two wipes and the fiber squeaks and fans.
  • No Residue – Nothing left to require a secondary alcohol wipe.
  • Industry Tested – Approved by users and manufacturers.

TC-1 wiping gel from fiber

SqueekyKleen Cleaner cleans and fans fiber in two wipes to save time and money. No follow-up with alcohol required to clean and separate fibers before splicing. View video in the side bar to hear the difference!

SqueekyKleen Cleaner is safe. It reduces chemical odors and keeps vapor concentrations to a minimum in splice trailers and vaults to ensure a safe work environment. SqueekyKleen is less harsh on your hands.

SqueekyKleen Cleaner’s unique formulation and high-performance wiping towelette remove pik from the entire surface of loose-tube or ribbon fibers, leaving no residue.   SqueekyKleen Cleaner helps keep splice equipment clean of contamination for better fiber alignment and splice quality.


Product/Packaging Notes:

The saturated wipe is a good package for cleaning gel off fiber optic cable (Catalog # TC-1). It is both durable and lint free. This small quantity of cleaner in this package limits the concentration of vapors in the air, lowering inhalation exposure risk.
SqueekyKleen Gel Filled Cable Cleaner
Catalog # Package Description Units/Case
TC-1 Saturated lint-free wipe in foil pack 144
TC-16LF 1-pint/475 ml bottle with flip top 12
TC-35LF 1-quart/.95 liter bottle with flip top 12
TC-35LR 1-quart /.95 liters spray bottle 12
TC-128 1-gallon/3.8 liters jug 4
TC-640 5-gallon/18.9 liters pail 1
TC-96 3 quarts/2.8 liters in a 1-gallon pail 4
TC-DRUM 55-gallon/208 liters drum 1

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