Cable Cleaner/Degreaser

  • Fast Evaporates quickly, leaves no residue.
  • Tested High dielectric strength of 56KV meets IEEE 1493.
  • Versatile Cleans switchgear, contacts, meters, and motors.
  • Safe Excellent alternative to brominated & chlorinated solvents.
  • Proven Approved by medium voltage cable manufacturers.

Polywater® Type RP Aerosol cleans busbars, transformer oils, stick adhesives, switchgear, meters, electric motors, breakers, contacts, and communications gear. It fills numerous general degreasing needs.  Polywater RP evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.  It is an excellent cleaning solvent for a variety of different greases and oils.  Polywater RP solvent has been tested on a number of plastics and rubbers for compatibility via ASTM standard test D543 (see technical data sheet on sidebar for details). Polywater RP also meets IEEE 1493 “Guide for the Evaluation of Solvents Used for Cleaning Electrical Cables and Accessories.”

Perchloroethylene has replaced 1,1,1 trichlorethane in a number of electrical cleaners. However, “perc” is a hazardous solvent with a low TLV and a carcinogen classification.  Other replacement solvents may not be approved by cable manufacturers and can cause deleterious effects on rubbers and plastics. Review an up-to-date SDS on your present aerosol electrical cleaner to evaluate its safety and effectiveness.

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Product/Package Notes:

Type RP is also available in safe and convenient presaturated towelettes. Available in 2 sizes: 5"x 8" (RP-1) and 8"x 12" (RP-1L).
Polywater Type RP Aerosol
Catalog # Package Description Units/Case
RP-16 16-oz./475-ml aerosol can with adjustable nozzle 12

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