Pourable Cable Pulling Lubricant

  • No Mess Pour or pump lubricant directly into the duct.
  • Low Viscosity Makes pouring lubricant cleaner, faster and easier.
  • Easy to Pump Ensures proper lubrication during longer pulls.
  • Cold Weather Formula Lubricant can be used for year-round cable installations.
  • Quantity Use one gallon of lubricant per 100 feet of cable installed.

Polywater® PJ offers the same high-performance factors as heavy duty Polywater J. Polywater PJ matches Polywater J’s high lubricity and cable jacket compatibility.  When coupled with its low fire propagation properties and ease of clean-up, Polywater PJ is the best choice for installations where pouring or pumping are more efficient methods of lubricant application.

The thicker gel version of Polywater J is recommended where pouring is not practical. For information see sidebar.

* Polywater PJ is not recommended for LSZH/LSHF and certain CSPE and CPE cable jackets. For these jacket types, Polywater LZ is the recommended/approved product.


PJ action

Polywater PJ can be pumped through the LP-D5 Drill-Powered Pump.

pj action 1

Polywater PJ buckets have a bung for easy pouring into a feeder tube.

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Product/Package Notes:

Polywater PJ comes in two grades: regular grade (PJ) and winter grade (WPJ), for cold weather use in temperatures as low as -20°F (-30°C). Polywater PJ can also be pumped using the LP-3 Hand Pump or the LP-D5 Drill-Powered Pump. For information see sidebar.
Polywater PJ Pourable Cable Pulling Lubricant
Catalog # Catalog #
(Winter Grade)
Package Description Units/Case
PJ-128 WPJ-128 1-gallon/3.8 liter jug 4
PJ-320 WPJ-320 2½-gallon/9.6 liter jug 2
PJ-640 WPJ-640 5-gallon/18.9 liter pail 1
PJ-DRUM WPJ-DRUM 55-gallon/208 liter drum 1

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