Epoxy Mortar for
Filling and Protecting Concrete

  • Easy Application requires no primer.
  • Non-Sagging Great for vertical and overhead application.
  • Strong Excellent concrete adhesion after application and curing.
  • Chemical Resistant Excellent resistance to hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid.
  • Thixotropic Spreads with ease, sets firm when finished.
Sump in big silo

Sump in Big Silo

Polywater® Dura-Plate 100 Epoxy Mortar provides increased chemical and abrasion resistance to concrete and masonry surfaces. The three-part, resin aggregate system forms a trowelable epoxy mortar that applies easily to overhead and vertical concrete surfaces.

Dura-Plate 100 thixotropic mortar spreads easily when troweling, but firms quickly when work is stopped to minimize sag. When cured, Dura-Plate 100 Epoxy Mortar forms a high-strength protective coating for sanitary sewer lift stations, manholes, and other structures. It is impermeable to water and resistant to attack by hydrogen sulfide and acid generated by microbiological sources. It is safe to use and contains no VOCs.

Dura-Plate 100 Epoxy Mortar was tested for chemical resistance by immersing cured samples in 20% sulfuric acid at 70° F for 4 years and showed no sign of weight gain or change in appearance.

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Product/Package Notes:

Dura-Plate 100 Epoxy Mortar is a 3-part thixotropic system packaged in a pail kit with a Sika Color Pack.
Polywater® Dura-Plate Epoxy Mortar
Catalog # Package Description Units/Case
EM-KIT640 Resin Part A - 1-gallon can
Hardener Part B - 1-gallon can
Sand Filler Part C
Sika Color Pack

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