Pull-Planner™ 4.0 for Windows™ Upgrade Page

The link below is to an installation file called Pull-Planner 4.0 Setup.msi. Once the file has been downloaded to your PC, double click on it to automatically extract the content files. These files will upgrade the files on the default Pull-Planner 4.0 directory unless you direct them elsewhere. You can run the upgrade program from your web browser or you can save it and run it from your downloads directory. If the upgrade shows a conflict, shut down the running Pull-Planner 4.0 and continue with the upgrade.

Pull-Planner 4.0 Setup.msi is an executable file.  Your browser may not download an executable file.  The browser may or may not ask if you want to accept the file. Company networks can also impose restrictions.  If this is the case, you can adjust your browser security, talk to your network administrator, or we can send you the upgrade on a CD.

Please note, your existing Pull-Planner 4.0 must be closed to complete an upgrade.

The upgraded Pull-Planner 4.0 executable should be version 2020.1.113. Check the software description at the top of the screen.

To begin the download, activate the hyperlink below.

Proceed with Download