Electrical Industry

Increase Electrical Reliability and Reduce Hazards

-Pad n Pole Repairs Transformer Pads Quickly- Electrical reliability, hardening of the plant, and reducing or eliminating electrical hazards are major focuses of electrical utilities. These initiatives are extremely important, especially if they can reduce the risk to consumers or …
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Animals Cause Electrical Outages

– FST is a Permanent Protective Solution – A regional electrical cooperative in North Carolina has for years experienced electrical outages due to squirrels chewing cables in riser poles. Squirrels apparently don’t know the difference between conduit or riser pole …
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Joining HDPE and PVC Duct

– Polywater® Bonduit® Offers Alternative to Mechanical Couplings – An electric utility faced a common problem during an underground electrical system upgrade.  The upgrade required the joining of dissimilar conduits.  Specifically, HDPE, PVC, and steel duct needed to be securely connected …
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Solar Array Has Freezing Problem

– Polywater Duct Block Prevents Ice Formation – The power stopped flowing from a large solar array at a Midwestern international airport. While investigating the failure, a combiner box full of ice was discovered. Water (and water vapor) had entered …
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Storm Hardening Moves Front and Center

– Polywater Products Keep Water at Bay – Electrical construction projects around New York City have become more complex and challenging since Hurricane Sandy.  The damage from Sandy resulted in a number of initiatives to “storm harden” electrical systems.  DOT’s, …
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