Fast and Effective On-Site Transformer Leak Repair

Economical repair of power transformer oil leaks

The reliable performance of power transformers is often reduced by oil leaks. Their quick and effective repair is critical to ensure electrical service quality. New and innovative sealant technologies from Polywater allow for in-field repair of leaks that are less costly and time consuming than conventional leak remediation methods.

In the whitepaper, “Cost-Effective On-Site Leak Repair of Power Transformers”, you will learn about:

  • How sealant technologies can be used instead of conventional replacement strategies in areas of frequent leakage such as main oil tank gaskets
  • How traditional replacement practices can result in accelerated aging of a transformer
  • Why sealant repairs reduce accelerated aging and are less costly and less time consuming than gasket replacement

Or you can read the previous series of whitepapers “The Aging of Power Transformers”, on how to maximize the lives of power transformers written by industry expert Georg Daemisch, M. Sc. Eng.

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