Electrical Industry

Joining HDPE and PVC Duct


– Polywater® Bonduit® Offers Alternative to Mechanical Couplings – An electric utility faced a common problem during an underground electrical system upgrade.  The upgrade required the joining of dissimilar conduits.  Specifically, HDPE, PVC, and steel duct needed to be securely connected …
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Solar Array Has Freezing Problem


– Polywater Duct Block Prevents Ice Formation – The power stopped flowing from a large solar array at a Midwestern international airport. While investigating the failure, a combiner box full of ice was discovered. Water (and water vapor) had entered …
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Storm Hardening Moves Front and Center

2011-1-4 017

– Polywater Products Keep Water at Bay – Electrical construction projects around New York City have become more complex and challenging since Hurricane Sandy.  The damage from Sandy resulted in a number of initiatives to “storm harden” electrical systems.  DOT’s, …
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