FST Mini Duct Sealant Video

Polywater FST MINI Installation

Polywater® FST™ MINI is an expanding, quick-setting, “closed-cell foam”, which is injected into a conduit to provide a watertight seal. The seal is superior to pliable duct putties and “open-cell” aerosol canned foams. Polywater® FST™ MINI comes in a kit that contains side-by-side cartridges filled with the two-part foam base. The two resins are mixed in equal parts as they are pushed through the mixing nozzle. Once injected, the foam expands and hardens, keeping water, acids, greases, gases, insects, and rodents, etc., out of the conduit. The foam has good wetting and adhesion to metals, plastics, and concrete. A special ratchet tool is used to inject the foam from the side-by-side cartridges.