Remove Personal Data

Database Removal

Personal information is stored in individual records in our contact management database. This includes any email correspondence with you. This is referred to below as your “record” in our “database”.

You can be removed from the database by completing the form below. Our data base is searched by email address, and an accurate email is needed to identify your record. If you are not sure of the email that you might have used, feel free to offer any alternatives in the message area. When you submit the form, an on screen message will confirm that we received your request. If your email address is in our database, all your information will be removed within 24 hours (your record will be permanently deleted). We cannot confirm removal as once it is completed we lose any ability to communicate with you.

However, if anything in your contact record has contractual significance (purchase orders, license agreements, non-disclosures, pricing terms, etc.), then that information will be not be deleted but will be moved to a legal archive file.

To get back into our contact database, you must initiate by completing a form on our website or making a request in writing to one of our sales representatives