Creates a Hard Foam Barrier
to Prevent Pest Infestation

  • Deterrent Keeps mice, rats, snakes, and insects from entering the pedestal or cabinet.
  • Strong Structural foam matrix creates a strong seal.
  • Complete Seal Flows and self-levels before expansion to prevent ground entry.
  • Versatile Can be used as a suspended floor or expanded directly on the ground.
  • Protects Cured product offers permanent protection through weather extremes.

Hardening the outside plant is a common goal for communications companies, but standard practice has not, in many cases, effectively prevented entry from the ground inside cabinets, enclosures, and pedestals.

Polywater® PedFloor™ Pedestal Sealant helps prevent outages and service disruptions by curing to a structural barrier that is resilient and impermeable. This pedestal seal keeps out moisture and stops rodents, snakes, and insects from burrowing into the enclosure and causing costly outages or health and safety hazards.



Snake Entry


Rodent Entry


Rodent Nests

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Product/Package Notes:

Polywater® PedFloor Pedestal Foam Barrier is supplied in kits that contain all accessories needed to create a strong protective barrier. The kits include resins, plastic containment sheet, tape, gloves, and instructions. The PF-1 and PF-3 contain premeasured containers of the two-part foam. The PF-2 and FSTBP-200B6 are "burst packs" in which the parts A & B are mixed in the flexible package after breaking the center seal of the pack.
Polywater PedFloor Foam Barrier
Catalog # Coverage Package Description Units/Case
PF-1 Kit for 1 square foot (approx.) with a 3-inch depth (930 cm2 at 7.5 cm depth) 1 burst pack
1 pair of gloves
Instruction sheet
PF-2 Kit for 2 square foot (approx.) with a 3-inch depth (1860 cm2 at 7.5 cm depth) 1 burst pack
1 pair of gloves
1 roll of duct tape
1 plastic sheet
Instruction sheet
PF-3 Kit for 3 square foot (approx.) with a 3-inch depth (2890cm2 at 7.5 cm depth) 1 bottle part A
1 bottle part B
1 pair of gloves
1 mixing pail
1 mixing stick
1 plastic sheet
1 roll duct tape
Instruction sheet
FSTBP-200B6 Kit for 0.5 square foot (approx.) with a 2-inch depth (465 cm2 at 5 cm depth) 6 burst pouch
6 pairs of gloves
1 instruction sheet

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