Polywater Calculators

These on-line calculators determine appropriate product quantities based on job details. Look through or search the list using subject (e.g. duct block, lubrication, etc.) to narrow the list. The calculator will open on a separate browser tab.

There are a limited number of Spanish calculators available. Use the link in the Español column.

CalculatorFunctionLink Español
BonDuit® Quantity Calculator Estimates the number of cartridges needed for conduit connectionsLinkNA
Duct Displacement Factor CalculatorCalculates the effect of duct memory and displacement on fiber optic cable pulling tensions.LinkLink
FST™ Foam Quantity CalculatorCalculates the volume of FST Foam and number of cartridges needed for a duct seal. LinkNA
IceFree™ Anti-Freeze Gel Quantity CalculatorCalculates the amount of IceFree Gel required to fill a length of conduit.LinkNA
Lubricant Pumping Rate CalculatorCalculates an appropriate range of feed rates for the automatic pumping of Polywater® Pulling Lubricants.LinkNA
Lubricant Quantity CalculatorEstimates cable pulling lubricant amount needed in a single cable pull.LinkLink
Lubricant Quantity Calculator
(for Distributors)
Estimates the amount of Polywater Pulling Lubricant and the packages suggested for a multi-pull job.LinkNA
Lubricant Quantity Calculator
(for Jobs)
Estimates cable lubricant amounts needed in multiple-pull cable installations.LinkNA