PGKD Modular Seals Earn High Marks.

Sealing pipelines for the mechanical engineering building at the Leibniz University with PGKD modular seals.

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Finding a Reliable, Durable Seal for Multiple Pipe Sizes

The architectural firm Auer Weber Assoziierte Gmbh was hired by Leibniz University in Garbsen to design a new mechanical engineering building on their campus. The pipeline contractor needed to ensure that the entry points for the variety of different sized pipes going into the building were gastight and watertight. This required a seal that could effectively fill the annular space between the pipe and core-drilled opening. The architectural firm and pipeline contractor needed to complete construction before university classes and activities could begin in winter 2019.

The Polywater Hauff-Technik PGKD seal showing its proper installation indicators

PGKD–The Seal That Visually Indicates Proper Installation

Hauff-Technik was called upon for their expertise in conduit and pipe sealing solutions. They recommended their PGKD modular seal for the project. The multiple sizes of PGKD are designed to seal pipes and conduits that enter structures through core-drilled openings or sleeves—installed to meet national electrical safety codes. The range of sizes easily meet engineering specifications based on each pipe’s size and application. PGKD seals are constructed of rubber and stainless steel and remain durable even in corrosive environments. A unique feature of this seal is the patented yellow installation indicator, which confirms proper torque without the need for a torque wrench.

A worker installing a PGKD seal around a pipe

A Durable Seal Guaranteed to Be Gastight & Watertight

The building’s nitrogen and oxygen pipelines of differing outer diameters were successfully sealed with the PGKD modular seal. The seals were easily customized to fill in the annular spaces. The yellow installation indicator confirmed for the engineers and installers that the seal had been torqued accurately and they were confident that the PGKD was gastight and watertight. These quick and simple sealing installations kept Leibniz University’s construction on schedule to ensure that they could complete the building and open on time for students and staff.

GKD_indicator progress to solid yellow