Polywater Continues Supporting Electrical and Communications Professionals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn more about how our work practices have prepared us to continue manufacturing key products during this difficult time.

We hope that you all are well and navigating these strange and interesting times.

Polywater’s manufacturing has continued throughout the Covid-19 pandemic despite the uncertainty that all companies face right now. Even though it’s difficult to have full perspective while we swirl in Class 5 pandemic rapids, we asked our head of operations about practices that allow us to forge ahead during this challenging period. Here are 3 takeaways from Mike:

1) Cross-training and experienced employees–our manufacturing employees rotate across multiple work stations (lubricants, cleaners, adhesives, kit packing, etc.). Employees can jump in where needed on a daily basis.
This practice was implemented to help us operate effectively when people are absent while reducing downtime. Another aspect of our ability to quickly adapt to change is from the promotion of excellent employees within our organization who can consistently provide leadership and experience in their previous roles.

2) Focus on team culture–we’ve always pulled together to make sure that our customers are successful. Every employee understands that the sum of their contributions result in supporting electrical and telecommunications professionals and critical infrastructure, so we naturally collaborate and support each other to accomplish this mission.

“Perhaps the most important factor to being successful in manufacturing is fostering a team-based culture in which everyone enjoys making contributions and will do their absolute best to continue providing key products to support electrical and telecommunication infrastructure in this time of crisis.” says Mike Fee.

3) Fluid and nimble operations–Beyond manufacturing, we also have employees who are cross trained across departments. For instance, multiple employees in the shipping/receiving department have training or experience in our manufacturing areas and vice versa.

Also, we are in the process of training two of our manufacturing employees in shipping/receiving. Managers and supervisors have a solid knowledge of end-to-end processes and step in as needed. If called upon anyone in our company, no matter their role, is willing to jump in to help get products out the door.