Communications Industry

Make Pea Gravel Pest Proof

– Protecting Pedestal Floors From Nesting Pests – Communication companies have their plants spread out over large and often isolated areas.  The ground mounted cabinets and pedestals are vulnerable to the elements as well as critters looking for shelter and …
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Sealing Ducts within Ducts

– ZipSeal™ for Sealing Around Subducts in a Larger Conduit – A user had water leaking around innerducts entering a control room with sensitive equipment. They needed a quick fix solution to prevent damage to their data system.  Thre were …
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Prevent Rodent Entry

– No More Mouse Mess – Mice getting into a power supply cabinet were causing outages and interruption of service problems for a CATV provider in Ohio.  This cabinet was becoming infamous for needing repairs every few months. The field …
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