For Field Repair of Utility
Enclosures, Poles and Pedestals

  • Protective – Seals defects from unwanted entry.
  • Preventable – Helps stop outages.   
  • Durable – Long-lasting repair.
  • Easy – Kit contains everything needed to repair various sized defects.
  • Resistant – Withstands environmental extremes. Sunlight (UV) resistant.

BRK-250KIT1 kit components

Polywater® Pad N Pole fixes and restores damaged utility enclosures to prevent humans, water, pests, or debris from entering through the affected area. Great for repairing damage due to lawn mowing equipment.

Polywater Pad N Pole two-part adhesive bonds to fiberglass, steel, polyethylene, metal, concrete, and composites. When saturated with the adhesive, the repair cloth provides a durable, long-lasting repair.

Polywater Pad N Pole adhesive is easy to dispense with a standard caulking gun, and quickly wets the repair cloth. The fabric can be layered as necessary to create a thicker and stronger structure. Repairs are quick and easy, and can be done in the field in a single visit with little or no training. Repairs made with Pad n Pole withstand exposure to extreme outdoor temperatures, from -60°F to 200°F (-51°C to 93° C). A wide variety of defects can be repaired, from small cracks to holes. The Pad n Pole mixed resin has 30 minutes of working time. It can be painted immediately after application, so no return visit is needed.


Product/Package Notes:

Polywater Pad N Pole Repair is supplied in kits that contain everything needed for a repair. A standard high ratio caulking gun can be used to dispense product.
Polywater® Pad N Pole Utility Enclosure Repair System
Catalog # Package Description Units/Case
BRK-250KIT1 1 250mL PowerPatch Pad n Pole Repair adhesive cartridge
6 Mixing nozzles
1 Strip of sanding cloth
6 HP cleaning/drying wipes (HP-P158ID)
6 Pairs of disposable gloves
6 Foam brushes
72"x6" fabric
1 instruction sheet (dispensing tool not included)
BRK-KIT Bulk kit contains 6 individual kits 1
TOOL-250 Dispensing tool 1

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