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Reduce Water Use in PV Panel Cleaning

– Water Consumption in PV Panel Cleaning – When PV panels were first installed commercially, panel manufacturers suggested that rainfall was sufficient enough to maintain panel generation efficiency.  This worked for installations with enough annual rainfall but in those areas …
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Repairing Active Transformer Leaks

– PowerPatch® Repair System Solves Transformer Leak Problems – One of India’s largest state power transmission utilities has approved the use of Polywater’s PowerPatch® Leak Repair System in a Maintenance and Repair contract for their transformer base in Nashik District.  …
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Electrical Cleaners in Copper Mining

– Copper Mines in Chile Rely on Polywater Cleaners – American Polywater’s HP™ Cleaner/Degreaser is used throughout the world in a myriad of different applications.  Some of the most innovative uses of Polywater’s Type HP™ cleaner can be found in …
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